Destiny technical datas : (Manufacturer datas...)

 Wing span  1 380 mm
 Elevator span  260 mm
 Lenght  800 mm
 Aerofoil  RG 15
 Elevator profil  symetric
 Wing area  18,86 dm2
 Elevator area  2,2 dm2
 FIying weight   515 - 530 g
 Weight netto  365 g
 Wing loading  28,1 g/dm2
 Nr. off controll. functions  4



Destiny at the Slope

So far, not enough wind to do a decent flight. But it's a nice molded HLG !!. My first impression is very good with this model, despite the wind conditions we had at the slope this week, he manage to do 1 or 2 round at the slope without any wind with a hand launch... Not bad at all for a speeding machine !  So, I just need to install the hook for bungee launch now, but I'm pretty confident now with the flight caracteristics of the beast !