Well, since the 9th of November, I am now the happy owner of this kit ! The original one was designed for IC power (.45 to .61cu) as a pusher, with air retracts etc etc.

The kit is all moulded foam, with great scale details. The canopy quality is absolutely fantastic (really clear, no defects what so ever !). A bit of work will be needed to trim all the moulded pins and so on on the wings, tails.... as all is fresh from factory.... New blade required for your knife if you don't want to destroy your work !


I've planned to do the finishing with silk + G4 (PU varnish) instead of FG + epoxy (cost...), but I will leave the option to convert it as an electric pusher if the result is not great as a PSS !

Oh yeah, the model is supposed to be only one piece once finished ! I'll try to work out something about that, as this is not small !


And here are some photos !


The box :

Quiet old ! The original design is dated from 1998 I believe...


The box content :


The fuselage :


And the same with the wings and rudder :


Yep, that's a good size !...


Stay tuned for more !