More photos and details about those photos will come soon.

The glider is now finish and ready for the maiden flight. Hopefully this Week End ( weather permitting of course ! ) - 24/08/2005


Sept 15th...

More photos !

Finally, here are some details about the Fox. No photos from the flying field so far... But the maiden flight has been done 2 weeks ago, and no surprises, it fly great !.I just more last week End the CG backward a little bit ( around 60 / 70 grams less in the nose). No changes at all in the flight attitude, but I'm waiting for less wind to try the CG in smooth conditions !.

Here is the kit as I've receive it. Most of the work is already done, and I've just needed 1 week to finish it.

Everything inside the glider is paint with "special effect" paint. Here is Fleck Stone grey paint. Great effect ! The scale touch in 2 minutes !  :o)

The work in the fuselage is pretty simple... Glue the key wing tube, glue the servos mounting, make some holes and that's it !

The wing profile is the famous RG15... Great choice as you'll see !

The wheel cache as been glued with silicone to allow it to "work" a little bite with the effort ( if effort is...). I did not make holes in the fiberglass to mount the whee, but plywood is epoxy glued into the fuselage on each side, and a piano wire is use as an axel... Be patient to glue everything together in the same time !!

The leading edge is made of hard wood, and have been glued in place with wood glue... You can do it with epoxy...

And here is the beast in the garage, before and after covering.. Pretty isn't it ?!


And that's all folks for today !

See you next time with more photos, and hopefully a video !  :o)