LF107 Mini Lunak

With free plan !


So, short story, was bored to death in the evening (that's after the daughters goes to bed... before that, house is pretty much a war zone!), and again, thanks to the range of excellent programs shown on Irish TV, I decided to break my own rule and do something new for Retroplane...
Cannot go big this time, needed something scale, and very quick build!

I had a look in my 3 Views folder, and while browsing it, stopped to the Lunak... Want one for a while, so this could be the perfect occasion!
Quick build, so I'll go mini and went for a wingspan of 1mtr.
Went to the CAD program, and printed the 3 views... God, that's small!! 

Ah well, let's do it !! 

Quick and simple, all surfaces are scale, no cheating, but the fuselage have a bit more angles than the real one (entirely made of 2mm balsa). Rudder and elevator are in 3mm balsa, and the wings, to keep it simple, are plain 6mm balsa that will be sanded to shape.

For the controls, I went pitcheron (rudder and elevator are fixed, wing do elevator/ailerons control), but with the option to have a moving rudder for more aerobatic possibilities...

Anyway, after 2 hours on the computer, I had a plan, just have to start cutting balsa (and also good for the forest... 1 sheet of 6mm, 1/2 of 2mm and 1/3 of 3mm!

Building time : 2 hours taking my time...




WS : 100cm

Length : 471cm

AUW : 176g (heavy setup)

Cutting of the various bits :


And assembly...



And covered :



At the slope for the maiden flight :




And finally, the plan !

Preview :


In 1 A1 Sheet - PDF format (CLICK)

In 15 A4 Sheet to assemble - PDF format (CLICK)


If you build that thing, feel free to send me photos, and I will update the page with them.