Discussion on the Retroplane forum...  :

- You know, the big gliders, that can be fun to do the same ones, but let say, no more than 1/10 scale

- Hummm... yep, very good idea ! Who start ?

And that's it, this is how a project, from a huge brainstorming session start ! :o) Vincent will fire first with a 1/20 Cimbora, and myself, well, I'll go classic with a 1/13 scale Grunau Baby IIb. Ok, so why 1/13 ? Well, that is rocket science you see... That the size of the first former, big enough to fit the battery ! That's it !

The construction will cal only standard materials, 3mm plywood, 2mm balsa, 1.5mm plywood, and all the sheeting made from 0.4mm plywood.. Exactly like a bigger model !

If you want to fly this glider indoor, well, this is not for you ! If you want to fly a micro scale model at the slope, even when you have a bit of wind, that's the one ! The philosophy here, is to have a small scale model to fly at the slope in a normal day conditions.

Here we go ! :

All the formers, the pen give you the scale...


The smallest former... Sorry, the picture is a bit blur...

The fuselage.. 10 mins work with CA.

Small ?

With a piece of wing...


All the covering is made with Japan Paper, glued with a mix of White glue and water (50/50)

I'm not really happy with the paper, as is a bit too tick... Note that before covering, all the glider has been covered with a layer of  coloured varnish (teak).

Getting there...


More to come !