Nano Floh

My new toy !!  :o)

Wingspan 0.78m

 Wing Area 7.00dmē

Wing Section SD something... I cannot remember...

Weight 70g (empty) around 150g fully equiped

Wing Loading 10.71g/dmē

Number of Channels: 2 (ailerons, and elevator)


This is the smallest model from the Nano family. This is the perfect model to bring absolutely everywhere. A 2mts slope, no pb, enjoy !

The model is finish and wait for the first flight (will come soon !). The construction time ? Around 2 hrs ! cool isn't it ? Micro equipments everywhere of course !

Some others Nano Floh are available in my local model shop (http:\\

The V tail. The angle is already cut.

The fuselage is a perfect molded piece ! No defaults in mine.


More photos will come soon !!