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Park Flyers / Foamies / "Wobble" with HK Skyraider
« on: August 09, 2022, 16:15:53 PM »
I've been getting a bit of flying in over the past week now that I have new props for my Skyraider. I've noticed that she'll wobble quite violently for no apparent reason when there's no aileron control input. If I roll, she's steady as a rock.

Everything seems fine otherwise, so not sure where to start looking for solutions.

Scale / DeAgostini Spitfire - 1:10 scale - Anyone have experience?
« on: August 11, 2018, 21:25:04 PM »
I've just been gifted a complete, unopened set of parts from this "subscription purchase" plane. I've done my preliminary research and found an abundance of horror stories...  :o

Thankfully there were one or two rays of sunshine who actually thought the kit was rather decent.  8)

Either way, I think I've found another project to add to the list for the long winter days... Having completed a quick check to ensure all parts were there, I've only found one part broken; a leading edge spar. Hopefully a little wood glue can cure it as it's a clean break.

Electrics / New build - RCME Bambina
« on: December 18, 2017, 19:23:55 PM »
I know it's not ideal perhaps in Irish weather, but at £15 for the laser cut kit, I decided it's worth a shot.

It's slow going with perhaps 10 minutes in an unheated attic at a time.  Not because I'm a wuss and can't handle the cold...  ;). Well, maybe partially that.

Started off with the fuselage... Didn't have anything else square to hold the corners in place...

But it seems to be square...   :D

Started on the wing to allow procrastination for fitting the motor.

Then the other, and join them.  Which I think may have been a mistake, since I need to shape the leading edge yet.

None the less, onto the tail plane and fin...

At 31" wingspan, she's a dinky little thing.  3 axis stabilisation will likely be required...

How to... / Repair Wot4 vertical stabiliser...
« on: November 27, 2017, 19:14:03 PM »
It turns out that if the grass is too long for takeoff, it's also too long for landing...  :-[

So, what's the best method of repair?  Will it be as easy as I think; a little CA or epoxy and put the wood back in place?  It's broken the wood where the hinges are.

Misc / Calling any modellers using foam board...
« on: November 23, 2017, 18:43:15 PM »
Guys, I've asked about obtaining foam board from the company I work for... It's been used to display information around the company temporarily and is likely to be binned.

If I am permitted to take it off site (i.e. no sensitive information on it), then would anyone be interested in sheets? Most likely A2 size.

I'll let you know how it goes...

Also... Any good plans for me to try working with it too? :)

Scale / Second plane... Step up to scale?
« on: December 08, 2016, 15:27:25 PM »
Having solo'd on the Robbe, and with my Christmas bonus burning a hole in my pocket, I'm on the prowl for a "step up" plane....

I keep coming back to this little beauty.

I'd love this...
But I realise it's more than what I'd feel comfortable with losing should the dreaded happen, so no go.

Little Keith recommended the likes of a WOT4, but there don't seem to be any going second hand.  :(

And being able to pick up the one above for about €170, I'm very tempted.

I know low wing means less inherent stability and perhaps trickier to fly.

Any suggestions/advice?

Slope Soaring / DreamFlight Weasel Trek
« on: August 07, 2016, 17:31:03 PM »
I saw one of these in RCM&E and they've promised a full review in a future issue.  Having also watched Rogallo and a few others with earlier Weasel versions on Mt Leinster at the glide in last year...  I just HAD to have one.

Construction is pure EPO with a hard moulded underside to the nose. Installation of the servos is just "push in" and sealed in with a section of tape/clear decal. No trimming of balsa elevons necessary here!

The nose section is plenty big enough for the 4 "AA" battery pack and a receiver. Unfortunately, a 2S 800mAh LiPo, voltage stepper and lost model sounder take a bit more room...  But it fits as well as the required lump of lead to get the CoG correct.

I had to order the decal set to copy the RCM&E picture. I think it looks fantastic.

The setup of the Tx was quick, although after a quick maiden yesterday, I think I need to move closer to the "high rate" control throws.

All up, if you know what you're at, you could literally pick it up in the delivery box, take to the mountain and be flying inside 20 minutes.  All you need is a micro Philips screwdriver and blenderm tape to strengthen the LE!

How to... / Choose an electric power setup?
« on: June 16, 2016, 21:22:34 PM »
I know it was suggested to keep the Euro Trainer I'm trying to get flying as an IC model...  But as I'm new to the whole hobby, I'd like to stay clean with electric, at least at the moment.  When I have more money (i.e. in 40 years when I'm retired...) I can go IC then!  ::)

Anyway, how does one choose from the plethora of options on our favourite Hong Kong site?

The EuroTrainer stats are thus:

Mean chord:290mm (or thereabouts)
Wing Area:43.5dm2
"Empty" weight:1.6kg
Expected "flying" weight:Approx 3.0kg (~400g motor, 900g battery, 100g wires etc)
Wing loading:approx 69g/dm2 (22oz/ft2)

Using google, it suggested this

This calculator suggests (using a 6s battery, chosen so I could use one pack across several models in my "Dream hangar"):


Would that seem to be in the correct region?

What would the effect be if I use a higher "C" rated battery with the low "C" setup?  Would it just be less stressed?

Trainer / Only flown once... but 20 years of hangar rash.
« on: June 11, 2016, 22:11:19 PM »
A friend who's grandfather was somewhat interested in RC models was glad to hand this off to me for free, so I'm not complaining!  8) Robbe Eurotrainer.

As can be seen, there's quite a few punctures in the covering.  There's also a hinge missing from an aileron.  And the plastic wingtips are cracked... Or missing completely!  :(

It'll take a bit of work to get in the air.

It also has a 4ch 35MHz Futaba controller (still boxed and priced at IR£189...)  ???  I believe the engine is an OS40 (was IR£64)

I'll be needing assistance and advice on repairs/improvements.  I suppose the first thing to be done is to fix the nosewheel (currently steerable)?

Has anyone come across colour schemes in the deep dark recesses of the web?  I have found precious little to suggest this model ever existed!


It's finally happened. The question is, what next? I think it really requires a strong response from responsible RC fliers and their reps.

Slope Soaring / Slope Fest April 18/19
« on: April 16, 2015, 06:47:54 AM »
I hope I have the dates right...

I've just looked up the forecast and while it's looking dry and sunny, the wind doesn't apart to want to comply.

Sat,  20mph gusting 25 @ 045
Sun, 16mph gusting 20 @ 045

Sure we can see what pans out.

Slope Soaring / West Wings Skylark build thread
« on: February 05, 2015, 19:50:52 PM »
Evening all...

After finally getting around to placing the necessary order with HK and collecting the kit from Little Keith, I'm ready to start building.  I have read the instructions (honest) thrice and am as ready to jump in feet first as I could possibly be.

Kitchen table is a no-go zone for the good lady of the house who is surprisingly encouraging...  I wonder is she wanting me to head off to the slopes and give her head peace?

Anyway...  First question...  For the construction of said aircraft, which adhesive is best for each section?  I have CA and kicker, 30 min epoxy and generic wood glue.  I wouldn't have thought that CA would be particularly effective for fuse joints?

Slope Soaring / Building advice required...
« on: October 08, 2014, 19:05:12 PM »
After having up the Big L on the September fly-in, I decided that I really needed a "proper" glider. The expendature has been approved by the Financial Director  :D

To teach me a little, I've decided to copy Justin and build my own.  It'll be fun.  (I say now before Gillian kills me for getting glue everywhere and generally ignoring her over the winter!)

Anyway, first dilemma - how big?  I had considered using an A3 sheet of foamboard for each wing.  On actually seeing an A2 sheet, I'm thinking A3 may be too small?

I had looked up a tutorial on how to make a wing from foamboard; it advised allowing a 1" overlap on the bottom surface to use as a control surface.  I'm not so sure on that - I prefer the aesthetics of a proper aerilon control surface on the outer half of the wing.  To do that requires a servo mounted out in the wing which may complicate the build?  Also how does one decide how large the surfaces have to be?
Also, the question arises as to which style of wing. I can go for the "basic" squared plank a la Cessna or Piper small A/C or a single or double taper.

Third thing - Where do I get my hands on balsa sheets and blocks in Ireland?

Fourth - The tail boom.  Justin had a hollow carbon tube and the elevator control rod fed through that.  I have a 4mm carbon rod from a crashed C182 foamie which I think would be best used for the same purpose in this build? I assume HK will have a similar thing - haven't looked that up yet.

Finally - what would the best method of affixing the tailplane assembly to a CF tube be?

So, after all that, I'd be of the persuation to go for a "forward swept" taper wing - ie the leading edge perpendicular to the fuse and the trailing edge root further aft than the tip.  Control surfaces perhaps 1/3 of the wingspan at the outer edges.

If I can draft a plan, I'll attach to this post.

Slope Soaring / Anyone know of a plane I can actually buy?!
« on: June 20, 2014, 13:40:23 PM »
Hi all, first post on here...

I've joined up with the MCFC outside Enniscorthy to learn how to fly my Art Tech C182 after crashing the first one!

I've also been up Mt Leinster with Big Keith having fun on his Zagi, so I've been trying to procure one of those.  Unfortunately, the manufacturer has had a stroke, so there's no solid lead time on those.

In place of that, I had ordered the last Multiplex Xeno from out of England.  unfortunately it now seems it was miscoded in the warehouse and there isn't a Xeno for me.

Both of these were to be powered to enable me to crash at a higher velocity when not slope soaring despite Keith's outlook regarding props :D

So, I need a wing before July (I'm off for the whole month) so I can learn how to perform excellent landings after soaring the slopes - I can land ok, I just can't reuse the plane.

Can anyone recommend a good crashable wing that will take a pusher that doesn't break the bank.  Second hand is fine!



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