Gliders / PSS

My 2m Algebra Flying near the Italian border in France. Sorry for the music ! :)
My 1/3 scale Lo100 flying in a really windy day at Mt Leinster. 12Kg of pure happiness !
ISR May08 Fly-in at Mt Leinster... What a day ! Photos are here, full story is here.

15Mo - 9 mins

Joe's 2mtrs F3B glider from in a low lift flight... Not bad !

14 Mo - 2.30mins

Our first club meeting of the year in Kilakee, in January 08

6 Mo - 2mins

My 1/4 scale Backstrom EPB-1C first flight ! Very windy day !

10 Mo - 2mins

Short video of my Alpina ! This is the original one form the 80s !  :o))

11Mo - 2.10mins

My 1/3 scale KA3 first flight !

18 Mo - 3.30mins

The 1/4 scale Opel Rak 1 in flight !

13 Mo - 2.30 mins

My ASW22, first flight. Nothing to touch, pure happiness !

10 Mo - 4.50 mins

Joe's magnificent U2 first flights ! Just missing the turbine sound to be perfect !

5.5 Mo - 3.40 mins

First ISR "meeting" in Mount Leinster. What a day ! Plenty of flights. Here is a best of the day... Enjoy !

9 Mo - 5.30 mins

Video of the Grunau Baby 2b in Kilakee. A bit touchy at the elevator ;o) Launched by Joe and filmed by David. Thanks Guys !

7.4Mb - 4.40 mins

Joe's Ripmax Spitfire. From electric to PSS.. Very nice looking on the slope in Kilakee. That was the first flight, and that was not bad at all !!

9.7Mb - 4.10 mins

My DG1000 on flight in Mount Leinster... Thanks Joe for this Spot... Fantastic !

12.7Mb / 5.15 mins

Joe L213 A. Beautiful piece of fibre glass ! Great flight, even in the very windy and turbulences conditions the day of the video !

9mb / 3.50 mins

Andy's Easy Glider. Very windy flight conditions, but as you can see, not bad for a piece of foam !

9mb / 3 mins

Jim's Soarmaster maiden flight. No surprises, that fly great !

!4.7mb / 7 mins

Jim's Osprey 100'

10.8mb /

Peter's Eliminator

2.65mb /

Carl's Estrella ( I have a doubt now... may be a corrado...) in very light conditions, but a very beautiful flight... A must see !

17mb / 7:01mins

The Passion from Airtech... Very light conditions flying... A 2.50 mtrs hand launch glider !

6.01mb / 3:48mins


Short video of Patrick's Voodoo... Fast fast fast !

3.3mb / 1:38mins

Multiplex Alpha 21 electric with Brushless... Demoniac !

9.50mb / 3:51mins

Patrick's Graupner Speed Cat. Developed for a .25 size IC motor, this one with a brushless is demoniac ! Short video of the first flight.

5.4mb / 2.20 mins


More to come ! (Picojet, Destiny...)