So, here are a few photos of my "latest" build !

Well, I've decided before going to Retroplane, that I needed a backup plan in case the Opel Rak wouldn't fly... So, a week before heading to France, on the Retroplane forum, I've contacted Claude Lacombe telling him that I was interested in his plan for this flying wing (the full thread, in French, can be seen
Note that as far as I know, Claude is selling the plan for this wing. Contact him or myself if interested !
Scale is 1/4, and the wing span is 2 mtrs.

Well, a flying wing, you just have a big wing to build ! So, in a week, that should do it !

A photo of the real thing :


As usual for me now, I've cut all the pieces with the cnc machine. Put the file in the machine, wait 1 hour, and here you go with a nice kit :

Of course, you start with the .. wings !

No comments here... The ribs are made of 3mm balsa, the sheeting is made with 2mm balsa. Trailing edges are made with 1.5mm plywood as it is usual for me now . The only tricky part is the wing tips, due to the profile used (autostability..)

For the fuselage, well, like the Opel, it's really small, and is built quickly :

And after 2 days of hard work, you have this :


I don't have more photos of the building, but here are some of the finished product, almost ready to fly... Just the servos (3) to be fitted in !



VIDEO of the first flight is now available !