So, here is my new project for the beginning of the winter !
During the last Retroplane, we were talking and showing the 1/4 scale Ka3, and between 2 glasses of schnapps  some of the German guys suggested that the Ka3 is fine, but bigger, that will be better ! 

Ah well, sometimes, it's hard to say no to things like that ! 

So, I have redraw the smaller Ka3, change a few bits and pieces, and here we go !
Slow start, let's say a warm up, with the tail mounting pieces.

The parts :


A looooong 5x5 hardwood strip is placed on the plan. Everything is aligned with a laser and fixed to the workbench.
Then, all the formers are glued to the wood, checking at each time the alignment :


Of course, you also need to check that everything is square !


And we glue everything slowly, making sure everything is straight


Then, we can glue the wing support on the fuselage


Then, you can start the fuselage webbing using 5x5mm hardwood strips. the fuselage require 10x5mm strips, but I prefer using 5x5mm x2... Easier to bend, and I think maybe stronger than a single sq. strip... A laser is used to ensure that the fuselage stay straight during the process.


1-2-3-4-5-In Flight