Opel Rak Photopack, can be find in the Documentation page !

Thanks to Bernd Brunner for the museum pictures !

The wing kit.. Thanks to the CNC ! That's a lot of ribs !!

/!\ Short kit of the Opel Rak is now available !! More info : http://www.islandmodels.ie


The wing begin with the construction of the middle section of the wing. Not that easy as the 2 bottom spars are "in the air".

The 2 tail booms are attached to the wings using 3 pieces of 3mm plywood as a support. Everything must fit perfectly !

The external wings panel are really classicaly built.

1 wing joiner for each wings.

Lot of holes !!


The fuselage kit.. Not a lot of pieces !

The main frame

Well, start to look like the picture !

The middle section.

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