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Wanted / ripmax sd100 servos
« on: March 21, 2016, 18:19:47 PM »
hi lads . just wanderin if anyone has ripmax sd100
servos lyin about and would part with for cash
i need 3 . their for a 1 meter dlg . i fried the last set when
i pluged in my lipo the wrong way round  >:(
thanks in advance

Thermal / Flat field / DLG servos
« on: March 21, 2016, 18:14:45 PM »
hi lads . just wandering does anyone have
ripmax SD100 lying around that they wouldnt
mind parting with for cash . i need three . i fried
my last set plugging in my battery the wrong
way round  >:(
thanks in advance

Combat / any combat flyin n the west ?
« on: September 04, 2011, 19:02:37 PM »
hi folks , havent been here n a bit , showed a friend of mine the joys of slope flying  . Having just flown powered , he was very impressd , that was grand until the inevitable happend ( had a mid air) before we knew it were tryin to knock eachother out of the sky (harder than it looks) but very entertaining ! But we were equipped with the wrong planes for the job in question (both ended up with a little bit of damage ) but both repairable . The question is , we are both fans of warbirds , so where would a fella pick up an epp pss warbird or a reasonably priced combat wing ?
Thanks in advance

Slope Soaring / zagi si reinforcement
« on: February 13, 2010, 16:02:24 PM »
hey all ,
            just purchased a jp zagi si, i opened the box to find there is no carbon fibre wing joiner included in the kit, it says on the instructions that just putting reinforcing tape crossways on it will make it strong enough.
ive had a look at other forums and most seem to reckon just bullet tape on its own will be strong enough  ???
are there people who had one of these kits before out there ???
what do you think  :?
i am hoping to use it for genearl slope flying, and some combat  :twisted:

Slope Soaring / enter the gliderstien :-)
« on: September 13, 2009, 11:50:59 AM »
long before i understood slope soaring i bought a reasonably cheap glider , called a protec malibu. as you can imagine it didnt spend long in the air, first time out i broke the fuz but the wings were ok  :oops: . Had them there for a while and was thinking of chasing up another kit, but after looking at the way the phase 6 was constructed and doing a little research on the general dimensions of glider fuz`s , i decided to have a go at building my own.I built the fuz sides out of lite ply with 3/8 longeons going the length of the fuz,i also had the wing tips of another scratch built glider that went horribly wrong  :!: , so i spliced the wing of that on to the wing of the protec malibu (wingspan 2.4m) original span 1.7m .And with a little unfounded worrying about tail area it was finally ready. i flew it last thursday evening in a 7mph breeze, joy it flies  :D  but never having flown a rudder elevator model before proved very intersting , yawing all over the sky in a semi controlled fashion  :lol:
im just wandering would it be suitable or light enough for thermal soaring??
as you can see from the pic , i think i was a little generous with the tail/stab area
wingspan 2.4m
weight      900g/1000g

How to... / tuning an O.S. 46 LA
« on: April 03, 2009, 11:02:51 AM »
hi ,
ever since ive owned the 46 la engine i find it almost impossible to tune it correctly. :!:
i have other O.S. engines (.25 fx, .91fx, 1.20 fx and never had a problem tuning them, the difference is that when leaning out the engine , you can definitely hear a pitch change.
but when leaning out the 46 you keep leaning it out , and dont hear a pitch change at all !
and what i find aswell is that to get it to run properly you have to make it run terribly rich.and if you tune it to where it should be the head of the engine gets very hot.
by the way i was using an 11x6 prop , i wander should i try the 10x6 or an 11x5 prop.
or has anyone had a similar experience , or know of a trick to tune it properly. mabey its just the l.a. series of engine

Misceleanous / answer to flyboys ???????
« on: January 02, 2009, 20:53:28 PM »
trawling thru you tube i came across a new film (made in germany) released in germany since april 08, the story of the red baron, saw a few clips on you tube , could be a better film than flyboys, except i havent seen any release date for the rest of europe,  the film is called DER ROTE BARON (the red baron) could be one to watch for :D

Slope Soaring / phase 6 test flight
« on: October 04, 2008, 15:52:58 PM »
flew my phase 6 for the first time last weekend, even though the final weight came to 31/4 lb weight.
thinking that she would fly in nothing less than a gale i flung her off ito a steady 5/6 mhp breeze and guess what she flew lovely, was pleasantly supprised, elevator was a little twitchy . landing however was  hair raising
jeez she comes in fast !!!!!  i just couldnt bleed off enough speed to land her  so i just jept going back farther and farther and eventually i was able to bleed off enough speed to land her, even though i think she was starting to go into the sink !   i have only one servo driving the ailerons so i have adjusted the ailerons in a slight droop to try and slow her.
cant wait for the next flight  :D

Misc / c.g. of camrian fun fighter 109
« on: August 03, 2008, 22:01:54 PM »
i have two me 109 cambrian fun fighters , the first one flies beutifully,
but......i came across a half built one and decided to take it on , i finished it in the desert camo detail..... on the different plans the two cg`s were different  the first 109`s c.g on the plan was 55mm from the leading edge......but the second one was 75mm from the leading edge ,i have put strips of lead as far forward as possible but it still climbs like a homesick angel, but whats worse the stall speed is an awfull lot higher in the second one??? i actually did a kind of a snap roll one day doing a tight fighter type turn but luckilly enough i was high enough to get out of it
ANY IDEAS FOLKS ?????  :!:
dodgy tip stalling plane

nice flier

Slope Sites in Ireland / slope sites: west of ireland
« on: August 02, 2008, 16:33:43 PM »
ok, going north along the coast, from lehinch co clare, theres a good place just north of liscannor, past the cliffs of moher, fanore has good dune soaring havent flown it yet but hoping to, black head by the light house absoloutly fantastic !!!! somooth out, only one thing though, very close to the road and no soft stuff to land on , so an epp model would be the job there, alternitavely a short trek up the hill behind the lighthouse is a good spot. slope is (W,NW,WSW)
THOUGH SAYING THAT pretty much all the west coast is very good for sloping, kinda like co kerry )  8)

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