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Slope Soaring / phase 6 test flight
« on: March 25, 2009, 15:45:39 PM »
Quote from: Happy Days
I don't know of any planes that come out of a dive without at least a little "up" evelator.
  Are you saying you expect the plane to pull it'self out of a dive?
I've always found that if a plane is in a dive I have to pull back on the stick for a moment to return the model to level flight. When it's in level flight I can let go of the controlls and (if properly trimmed) she'll continue in straight and level flight.

(sorry for interrupting)

according to basic aerodynamics,
plane trimmed for straight and level flight at given air speed
will recover from a dive as it's air speed increases - increase of speed will cause increase of a lift.

whether it has enough altitude is another question :(

just my 2c.

Slope Soaring / Newby
« on: March 23, 2009, 10:11:02 AM »
Quote from: "haydenc"
proud owner of a Stargazer 2

Quote from: "haydenc"
First Flight took place on Thursday morning in very light wind.

Despite spending some time sorting the CofG out (60mm aft of the leading edge) it nosed into the ground.
Was on Bettystown beach with soft sand, just in case,
Went in like a dart. But no damage.
Trimmed to full nose up still not enough so adjusted the elevator horn on pushrod to achieve almost level flight.

(reviving old thread)

I am another "proud owner of Stargazer2" :) finishing assembly, should be ready for next weekend.

just curious if haydenc's problem with CoG was because of low airspeed ?

any good advice for the first flight ... so if won't be last one :(
should I first just try to glide into the wind over flat (and soft) field ?
the forecast for the next Sunday (29/03) predicts "Northwest at 31 kmph" -
will Killakee slop(s) be "flyable" with such wind direction ?


Slope Soaring / new to slope
« on: May 15, 2008, 13:53:17 PM »
Hi Slope Rebels,

just curious if <this > plane will suit for the slope ?
Mine does not have neither floats nor wheels and has brushless setup...
My biggest worry is about "soft cover" - I guess, "landing strip" on a slope will not be that smooth as field at Phoenix ...

Btw, is anyone going to be on Killakee slopes this Sunday (18/05) ?


I also have Mutiplex FunJet ... couple guys at field have advised me to bring her to the slope ...

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