Author Topic: Safety Notice message from the IAA - August 2016  (Read 2065 times)


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Safety Notice message from the IAA - August 2016
« on: August 05, 2016, 12:20:40 PM »


To all Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) (including drone) operators,


There is always an increase in flying activity during the summer months, with people travelling abroad on holiday and recreational pilots taking advantage of the good weather. The recent increase in SUA/drone activity also adds to the activity in our skies.


The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) has received a number of reports from pilots of manned aircraft of drone sightings within controlled airspace. Controlled airspace surrounds Irish international /military airports (Casement, Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Kerry, Knock, Shannon, Sligo, Waterford and Weston) and extends from the ground up to 5,000 feet and laterally out to at least 10 miles from the airport.


If you wish to operate your SUA in controlled airspace, two strict criteria are applicable;


1.      Remain below 50 feet and outside the ‘no drone zone’ areas as detailed in aeronautical notice U.04 (see IAA website or use the ‘Where am I?’ function on your registration page).

2.      Flying above 50 feet above ground level or inside the ‘no drone zone’ areas describe in 1 above, a specific operating permission is required from the Authority (see IAA website for details on how to apply for permission).


Outside of controlled airspace, SUA/drones are not permitted to operate closer than 5km to an active aerodrome, or above 400 feet above ground.


These rules are in place to protect both manned aviators and drone operators.


It is the responsibility of each SUA operator to be familiar with the airspace in which they fly. Additionally, the operator is responsible for ensuring the safe operation of the SUA, flying only within the limitations set out in the Small Unmanned Aircraft (Drones) and rockets order (S.I. 563 of 2015), and adhering to any other laws which may apply e.g. privacy, trespass and data protection. You are reminded that flying an SUA in a manner which endangers manned aircraft is illegal and may result in prosecution.


Information regarding airspace classifications is available through the ASSET tool; where you registered your SUA. Please use the ‘Where am I?’ function on the ASSET tool and the checklist sent to you with your registration decal before operating your SUA/drone.


It is recommended that all operators of SUA/drones undergo training specific to SUAs. Understanding airspace rules and how your aircraft shares the sky with manned aircraft can be of great benefit to you and may prevent an accident. The IAA has approved many organisations to provide training, these are listed on


The Irish Aviation Authority wishes you safe and enjoyable flying.


Safety Regulatory Directorate,

Irish Aviation Authority.
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