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Hello friends! I want to show the last drone that reached me at my hands, it's just great! how many times I have dreamed to have something, and it has finally arrived :)

1031 Halloween Skull Flying Ghost Quadcopter ! RTF


Well the new member has joined Songoland almost needs no introduction, it is the perfect place to spend some jokes drone!

Have you ever wondered what if a ghost, a scull and a drone mixes? The result is this interesting toy ..

The drone has a X chassis with brush motor, with a lot of leds and 7.4V battery for good measure power in maintaining the flight and fight the wind.

Have the most original ghost guaranteed. With a fantastic effect from the first moment that takes off to fly.
Children will love it! this drone, despite its size, is completely safe, do not be afraid to break something or hurt, the props are flexible plastic and the overall design seems almost indestructible.

It has a transmitter that works with 6 AA batteries, which guarantees a good distance control (so you can hide away so that the shock is larger)

It comes with everything you need to play from the start, also it brings several parts, if there is a problem.
Halowen I think this will be very crazy! what do you say??

Trick or Treating? muuaahahahah

you can see or buy your one here:

Name: 1031 RC Quadcopter
Color: White
Material: Electronic components, ABS/PS
Frequency: 2.4G
Flight Duration: About 6-8 Minutes
Remote Control Distance: About 80-100 meters
Charging Time: 150 mins, faster with a hobby grade charger.
Battery: 7.4V 850mAh (included)

The propellers must be put on the drone and screwed in securely, but after that is completed the drone is ready to fly. There is no further assembly required.

I can not stop watching pros in this Drone ..
Perfect to scare the neighbor
Safe and fun

which has no camera to record the faces that will appose them when they see come flying, ejeje

Happy halowen friends!

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Well here I leave it, I hope serve someone.

Thanks for getting here! soon will put new things