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« on: December 06, 2016, 21:34:16 PM »
Hi folks.

It is a pleasure for me to introduce my new video:

 Check out my YouTube channel

 This movie is recorded on the race track for radio controlled cars of Rubí (Barcelona). In this video you will witness the Thunder Tiger in action, running, cornering, braking and accelerating on the tarmac tracks. And it will not be alone! You will enjoy seeing several cars in action, accelerating, chasing among them and conducting several sets of runs. We place the audience's perspective in the cockpit of the buggy. For that, we have used two filming techniques: 1) Tracking from different static points and 2) The on board camera (front and rear). The images follow a coherent sequence where different perspectives are shown alternating exterior views of the car in motion with the cockpit view. So generating a sense of continuity and dynamism.

 That Thunder Tiger EB4 G3 is upgraded with an electronic speed control of 150 Amps, a 2000 KV Ripper motor with a pinion of 17 teeth and spur gear of 48 teeth. The drivetrain settings are harder and is equipped with thick antiroll bars front and rear. This setup enables the buggy to reach a straight-line speed over 70 km / h and faster corner drive.

 If you like this video, your “Likes”, comments and subscriptions will be very welcome!