Author Topic: Calling all jet fans in Ireland  (Read 4845 times)


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Calling all jet fans in Ireland
« on: July 31, 2009, 00:27:21 AM »
Hi all

This part of the forum, has no posts, come on !!! jet jockeys, lets start talking and get a few topics going. What or how do we start? well lets just start by telling everybody about yourself and the types of jet flying your involved in, turbine, EDF, prop, if it's a jet lets hear about it.

So,  name John Pearson I fly all types of jets EDF, Prop and started into turbines this year. I am part of NI Jets, a group of jet jockeys based in the north of Ireland, however we fly with the southern jets guys and also with the JMA in England. I am the web master for a website for jet fans in Ireland. I had a bad start to my turbine flying, with a loss of my first jet, a turbine powered hawk with a jetcat 120 on board, however I saved the pennys and am back in action with a new jet. I have flew many edf jets, large and small, and I have a nice cermark F16 prop jet which I fly for fun at our local club field, ( the runway is a little short for turbines).

Here's a photo of my hawk on it's maiden and last flight.

O.K. then that's a quick intro!! to get the ball rolling, who's next

Happy landings

John P

Happy Days

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Calling all jet fans in Ireland
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2009, 06:25:08 AM »
I've thought about EDF's John but I've not  got round to them yet.

You probably already know of this model, I just happened to come across it. I've never heared of vectored thrust in an RC model before. Fantastic! :clap:

"World's first Twin vectored thrust ducted fan RC Jet performs maneuvers not possible with other RC JApproximate Availability Date: 8/5/2009
This is a BIG all molded foam jet with great detail and great performance. Two 64mm fans with two 3500 Kv Outrunner brushless motors and two 45 Amp brushless speed controllers power the big jet. Take offs from a smooth runway or short grass field are quick and the initial thrust will blast the jet nearly straight up.
[i]The pilots in attendance at the 2009 Southeast Electric Flight Festival (SEFF) voted the Su-34 the "Best New Product" after watching the incredible flight performance of this cutting edge aircraft. Maneuvers that simply cannot be done with other jets are routine with the vectored thrust nozzles of the Su-34. The famous "Cobra Maneuver" can be flown as well as flips and tumbles that will amaze your flying buddies.Each nozzle is individually controlled and is mixed with both elevator and aileron controls. A 7-channel computer radio (minimum) is a must. We show the step-by-step setup screens of how to program a Spektrum DX-7 with the mixing required. The jet is easy to fly and very solid in the air, however due to the setup, the model is best suited for the experienced to advanced RC pilot.[/i]The Su-34 comes with a set of retractable landing gear with twin wheel trucks for the mains and steerable twin wheel nose gear. Each gear has its own adjustable servo for gear retraction. There are a total of 10 servos pre-installed in the jet: 2-elevator, 2-aileron, 2-vectored thrust, 3-gear retract, 1-steering. Additional items required: a 7 channel transmitter and receiver, and a battery charger for the included 4-cell lipo battery.

Assembly only takes about 1-2 hours; epoxy glue is included for gluing wing and tail parts to the fuselage. Landing gear is pre-installed as are all other servos and control surfaces. The included 4-cell 3000 mAh lipo battery pack provides about a 4-minute flight - but what an exciting 4 minutes! An Su-34 Fullback Airframe Only version is also available.

Try not to run out of airspeed, altitude and ideas....... all at the same time.