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Index 4
« on: October 28, 2010, 14:15:12 PM »
Well, my Index 3 picked up some wear and tear last weekend and my older Index 2.2 was already close to retirement so it's time for a new plane.
I'm still very happy with the way the Index airframes fly, so I'm going to stick with the same basic proportions but do a little tweaking. First off I want to go bigger, Somewhere between 900mm and 960mm span (the Index 3 is 800mm span).
I've never tried milling one of these airframes but I'm considering either milling or mylar covering the new one. I think I'll get some 5 micron mylar and give it a go.

The intention is to build an airframe with between 25% and 40% extra wing area but no more than about 5% to 15% more weight. This should also allow me to keep using my existing Hacker A10-15s motors and make for a very slow flying plane.

Eanna's going to build one too so maybe we'll try 2 slightly different versions and sizes and see which works best.

We shall see!

I'll post some pictures when I get building in the next week or two.
If anyone's interested in plans I might put them up too once it's finished and tested.

There was quite a bit of interest in the EPP delta design I was flying in Middleton, so I'll start a thread with some info on that in the next few days too.