Author Topic: BE50, BH11, and Bohemia B5 plans  (Read 4172 times)


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BE50, BH11, and Bohemia B5 plans
« on: February 19, 2010, 11:20:51 AM »
Hi there,

Well, I was cleaning up a bit of hard drive on my PC, and found the plans I made a few years ago for a "Golden Age" type race project...
Plans were made available on a website and a magazine.
I put them here now, as they are much better here than lost somewhere in my Hard drive !

I only built the B5, but a few of them were built, I'll post some photos if I find them  :D

All PDF files, can't find the original dxf... Building is a mix of depron and balsa, plywood and were originaly designed for a 400 electric size motors.
The BE50 will deserve to be enlarged I think  :D

Anyway, here you go :

BE50 :

BH11 :

Bohemia B5 :

Have fun if you build one of them  :D
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