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Slope Soaring / mount leinster
« on: September 27, 2011, 23:55:17 PM »

Hi all,
           Pic of my1000cc Diahatsu turbo diesel sidecar motorcycle. Thinking of loading it up with with models for trip to mount leinster this Saturday or maybe Sunday. Long range forecast south to sse winds. Anyone be there?

Slope Soaring / strange behaviour
« on: September 15, 2011, 00:15:56 AM »
Hi Eugene,
              Enjoyed meeting on slope tonight. Turned out to be a faulty receiver, it was losing signal and causing servos to momentarily go wild. Swapped out receiver and no more problems.
Happy Flying,

Slope Soaring / New Glider
« on: September 12, 2011, 00:42:08 AM »

Hi all,
       New glider nearly ready to go. It's a hong kong special 2.6m dg 1000. Finish is not bad (some flat spots on wings), covering was excellent on wings and moulded fuse is good. Final weight with ballast (250 grm) looks to be about 1450 grms. Cost was unreal at €100 delivered. Anyone any experience flying this model? Seen vids on utube and seems to fly ok but needs speed. Mine is the version with flaps (has semi symmetrical foreward swept wing).

Indoor / Next Project
« on: September 02, 2011, 00:27:02 AM »
Hi all,
       During world war 1 my grandfather flew firstly a Dh2 with Hawkers squadron over the somme battling against Von Immelmans flying circus. He later flew a DH5 claiming the first kill of it's type and finally ended up doing night missions in a camel. 7 kills confirmed. He survived the war but unfortunately was killed in the London Blitz.
Would love to find a suitable scale plan to build  a replica of one of his planes suitable for sloping. Rib type construction preferred. Perhaps 40" wingspan.
Picture shows my 23" rubber powered camel yet to add his numbers.
Any Ideas?

Slope Soaring / Sorting pic posting
« on: August 21, 2011, 23:21:25 PM »

Aha sorted the image posting problem. Heres a few of my rubber powered peanut scale projects. Unfortunately the yellow denight racer is since written off. The Laird speedwing is still going strong with best flight of 1 minute.

Slope Soaring / Newbie Sloper
« on: August 21, 2011, 22:55:06 PM »
Hi all,
       Just joined the forum tonight after meeting Fred on the Killakee slope today. Many thanks to him for assisting in getting my Plouf flying nicely. By the way Fred I flew three times more before breaking it (pilot error), opened up the old tailfin wound. To inform others of my progress with this glider I flew it first with the wing to tailplane (v tail) incidence set up as per plan and it flew well in a force 2-3 breeze (nicely balanced). I then tried it in a force 4 with gusts but needed to correct elevator trim with plenty of down to correct a nosing up tendancy. I searched the internet forums and found comments to the effect that some thought the incidence angle as per plan was too great causing a balooning effect (not sure what balooning means?) and some claiming the model unflyable in standard setup. I changed the incidence to 0 degrees as they recommended and today flying in force 3-4 found I had to fly with a lot of up elevator to keep the ship level. Question is, Do I go back to original setting where she flies perfectly in moderate winds or should I go halfway house? All advice appreciated wether I take it or not.
                                 Fred I would like to get info on those Receivers you're using, like the idea of no crystals. I'm new to all this radio gear and am somewhat bewildered by all the new fangled electro speak and end up getting stuff incompatible with the gear I have so bear with me if I ask silly questions. Why didn't my piccie post?

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