Finishing / In Flight


The glider made is maiden flight before the final painting !

After the successful first flight, time has come to put a bit of paint on the glider !

I have choose the D-7083 paint scheme.. Keep it simple !... Well, not that simple ! As the paint I have choose totally messed up ! of work (around a week !) to get it almost right !

Looking good only from a distance !


But with a bit of patience, and the help from Anthony from RubberPrintDesign (stickers, masks..) here is the result !


In Flight


Well, the first flight was ideal ! Like in a magazine, the glider went straight, just have to put a bit of up at the elevator due to my CofG. That was a windy day, with lots of turbulences... Not a big problem, but the glider is really light ! We guess it's around 6kgs (my Lo100, same size, it's 10 - 11kgs !). The glider don't want to land !

Anyway, that's a great flyer, everything is responding well despite the CofG being a bit forward. Well, very happy !

And bonus, here is a video of the first flight ! Enjoy !!

As a reminder and if you are interested to build one, the short kit is now available at !




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