Fuselage.. Again !

This time, with the canopy frame.
The frame is made of 4mm diameter brass tube. Everything is soldered using good quality solder.
The wood is protected with aluminium fold, and everything is soldered in place. That will allow a perfect fit of the frame to the fuselage.



The fuselage is now finished, and need to be covered.
Some detailing has been done and need to be completed (a few details like the harness, control yoke etc etc)

The paint is a spray "stone effect" from the local DIY shop. Great effect, and hide all the defects !

The struts support on the fuselage were also glued. Made from 1.5mm aluminium. I also made some guides for the pushrods... The servos are in the cockpit, and it's a bit of a long way to get to the V-Tail !


And here is the beast, ready for covering (after the building jig is removed ! Very handy to have this to work on the fuselage...)



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