France – Ireland meeting April 2017 – Mount Leinster

Many thanks to our guests from France for this incredible week! Good food, good drinks and slope soaring heaven (without mentioning the fantastic weather!), made it for a mad week with countless hours of flying! From slope soaring early in the morning till dark, to Aerotow at the Model County Aero club, pub night, restaurants… And a little bit of tourism (just the minimal amount ) I believe everybody experienced the “craic”. And again, our meeting on Saturday/Sunday was very well attended (35 or 36 pilots, but cut short for me on Sunday as they were leaving… and I was knackered!!). Many thanks again to all of you who made this a fantastic week!

This is the sort of event where you really have to be there! I hope the “few” photos will reflect a bit of the fun we all had!

A few random bits 🙂

Day 1… Well, evening one! Barely arrived at the B&B, that we ended up at the slope! And we flew till dark. How’s that for a start!? 🙂

Day 2:

Tourism! 🙂 Well, it had to be done 🙂

Day 3:

Aerotowing at the Model County Flying Club. Many thanks again to Brian Carolan, and the club members for the very warm welcome, the steaks, and top notch facilities! Hope the show and tell was appreciated by the MACI members (we counted about 15 coming).

Day 4:

Back at the slope!

Day 5:

Slope? OK, more slope! 🙂


Guess what? MORE FLYING! 🙂 Sorry, fewer photos, got tired!