Our now traditional “opening of the Season” meeting was held in Mount Leinster on the 11-12th of March.

First of all, many thanks again for all the pilots traveling from all over the country! Another successful event with 17 pilots on the Saturday, and 15 on the Sunday.
The weather Gods were with us, as early in the season, we could have expected a wash out, but we got none of that! Saturday was warm, with some very nice sunny spells, but no wind.. Or very little! It was a day for electrics, or the gas bags! Everybody flew all day, and all that with the usual craic!
Sunday was the total opposite, with lots of wind, and 2 showers! With some good sunny spells, and the weather getting way better as the day progressed, and again, lots and lots of flying done!
So, a very good weekend, and nice to remove all the dust and cobwebs!
Below are a bunch of photos (will put more on the website, stay tuned!). One of the highlights for me, was Joe’s first flight of his Ka8! Can’t really describe the craftsmanship of his cockpit interior, it has to be seen!  :-* :-* :-*  His knees were shaking like crazy, but all went well, and this machine looks really really nice in the air!

Anyway, enough words from me, place to a few pictures!