France – Ireland meeting April 2018 – Mount Leinster

Many thanks to our guests from France for this incredible week… Again! Good food, good drinks and slope soaring heaven even if the weather was not really cooperating at the start of the week! But with good friends and a little bit of tourism (just the minimal amount ) I believe everybody experienced the “craic”. And again, our meeting on Saturday/Sunday was very well attended (25  pilots, but cut short for me on Sunday as they were leaving… and I was also knackered!!). Fantastic weather for the week end, so there must be a slope soaring God somewhere! Many thanks again to all of you who made this a fantastic week! This is the sort of event where you really have to be there! I hope the “few” photos will reflect a bit of the fun we all had!

At the slope:

And the Touristy bits 🙂