MPX Green plug mold on GliderIreland

Ok, the idea is not new, as I saw it a good 10 years ago on Planet-Soaring, using a box made of balsa or Depron, but it is good to get an upgrade! I bought the mold during the Christmas sales where price dropped about 5 euros (RRP is 29.90€) on a website in Germany. Along the MPX green plug mold, you will find a range of mold for various common types of plugs, like the XT60, DBs and so on!

A few days later, I received a small envelop with my mold in it!
The parts are nicely machined in aluminium and as you can see, contain a 2 parts molds (top and bottom) and 4 screws (holes are tapered for the screws). Simple piece of “kit”!

The molds halves. Shiny aluminium! Machining is Excellent

This is what you get in the post.

I got the “latest” with a slight improvement in the mold with the addition of 6 holes that fit the MPX plugs. I believe this can be used to hold the plugs when you solder the wires. Nice add I have to say.
The green plugs fits very nicely! Just be careful, there is a up and down! A “groove” is machined as you can see on the photo above.

The 6 drilled holes are, I believe, to hold the plug while you solder the wires. Nice touch!

Now, nothing special really, the way to do it speaks by itself! (see the photos, you’ll get the idea straight away).

Get your servo wires ready (I use the “old” trick to use female servo connections. They fits nicely on the MPX plugs, a bit of solder and shrink tube complete the job.(this was omitted for this test, as I wanted to see if the glue went everywhere after cutting a plug). I tried a destructive test, and pulled the wires very hard, pulling the hot glue etc. I could not dislodge anything!

I also did a destructive test, just to see. I have to say, very happy with the results! They are not going to break anytime soon! Also happy with the hot glue going everywhere. Just a “bubble” where you pour the hot glue in, something to be careful of for the next ones.

So now, is it a great tool? Yes. Is it a nice addition to any modeler’s tool kit? Yes. Is it indispensable? Not really I have to say.
The “old” method of doing it with a small balsa, or depron box will achieve pretty much the same results. The only draw back for me, is the price (total of 32 euros with the sale price + shipping), but the quality is there I have to say. Pieces are very nicely done, everything fits nicely, and you know it will still be there if you need it in the next 200 years!

Choice is yours! Go fancy, or rugged. They also have a vast choice of molds that covers the most popular types and I am kind of tempted by another set… But we’ll see that at the next sale!